by the theme of "Factors affecting the immune system: nutrition and foods"


Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to announce that "4th International Conference on Preventive Medicine (4th ICPM)" will be held on 16-19 November 2023 Antalya/TURKEY.

It is understood that today’s preventive medicine has become a multidisciplinary field that has to be well organized in order to be highly efficient.

The professionals in preventive medicine, all over the world, are dealing with highly specific issues; from “Nutrition, Hygiene and Food safety” to Environmental Factors, from Occupational health to Medical Support, from Lifestyle-Stress and mental health factors to Early Diagnosis and Bioindicators of Diseases.Particularly, relationship between immunity and diseases has importance. Thus, this conference will be conducted on theme:"Factors affecting the immune system: nutrition and foods"

We believe that bringing experts in this area all over the world together will contribute to see the whole and the real picture of preventive medicine. Further, the conference will enable everybody to see the opportunities of collaboration and to find a perfect scientific platform of sharing information.

Particularly, the globalization in agricultural and veterinary products and wide spreading of GMO makes it necessary to focus on this subject.

The Organizing Committee of Conference on Preventive Medicine has decided to presentation Studies on both investigations and on experimental animals to the issues given at the "Topic" title below.

In order to have a more fruitful meeting, The Organizing Committee has decided to invite as many professionals as possible in those fields. Prominent keynote speakers are invited to address to the distinguished audience.

According to participants' preferences, the presentations at two formats including abstract and fulltext will be submitted as online on the web site. The accepted oral/virtual presentations after peer-reviewed by at least two referees will be published in the Proceedings book. The presentation language of the congress is both English and Turkish.

We are doing all our best to make this event very interesting for you.

We look forward to your participation in this important event.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN (Chair)
On behalf of Organization committee.


# Date Place Chair Proceeding Book Gallery
1st ICPM 2019 12-14 November 2019 Antalya / Turkey Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN 1st ICPM 2019 Proceeding Book 1st ICPM 2019 Conference Gallery
2nd ICPM 2020 25-28 November 2020 Online / Turkey Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN Proceeding Book 2nd ICPM 2020 -
3nd ICPM 2021 24-27 November 2021 Online / Turkey Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN Proceeding Book 3rd ICPM 2021 -

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The abstract will be review by at least two referees. According to the referees' commnets and/or suggestions, the decision letter will be send to the corresponding author within 15 days after submission.


3rd ICPM 2021 covers the following studies:
In the title of Nutrition, Hygiene and Food Safety; genetically modified and recombinant foods, Round up ready foods and feeds, Hormone and Antibiotic usage in veterinary, Usage of herbicide and pesticides, Food-additives, supplements, audits, fraud and adulteration, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and health risks-unhealthy nutrition, Toxic and endocrine disrupting chemicals in foods and food chain, Chemicals affecting intestinal microbiota, Influence of diet on mental health and behavior,
In the title of Environmental Factors; chemicals emitted from Industrial, thermal power and solid waste including plastics–incineration plants, and Radiation (particularly from common usage in the hospital and radiation applications in foods), Other risk factors from environmental (air, water and soil)-Indoor and outdoor pollution,
In the title of Early Diagnosis and Bioindicators of diseases; proteomics, metabolomics, metallomics, Potential New drugs and Analytical chemistry in preventive medicine
In the title of immunity; factors that increase and decrease the immune system: nutrition and foods

The other titles are;

  • Lifestyle-Stress and mental health factors (including despair and hope),
  • Drugs and vaccines,
  • Public Health,
  • Physical activity facilities,
  • Actuators for Systemic diseases,
  • Traditional therapy and diseases,
  • Medicinal plants -Bioactive molecules,
  • Occupational health
  • Personalized preventive medicine.
  • New methods in the determination of potential drug molecules
  • Medical Geology



Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN
Firat University

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Seref GUCER-Uludag U./TR
Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN-Firat U./TR
Prof. Dr. Sezgin Bakırdere-Yıldız Teknik Ü/İstanbul
Prof. Dr. Yusuf Dilgin-Canakkale 18 Mart U./TR
Prof. Dr. Gokce Kaya-Firat U./TR
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çelebier Hacettepe U/TR
Prof. Dr. Tugba Boyunegmez Tumer-Canakkale 18 Mart U/TR
Contact: Tel: 0532 305 98 45


All correspondance should be addressed to:
Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN
Firat University, Science Fac. Chem Dep. Elazig-Turkey
Mobile phone: 905323059845
Second E-mail:

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Scientific Committee

Dr. Irina KARADJOVA Sofia U.-BG
Dr. Rawil FAKHRULLIN Kazan Federal U.-RU
Dr. Arturs VIKSNA Latvia U.-LV
Dr. Octavian G DULIU Bucharest U.-RO
Dr. Duca GHEORGE-Moldavian Acad. Sci.-MD
Dr. Raluca MOCANU-Bucharest Politehn. U.-RO
Dr. Elena IVANOVA-Bulgaria Acad. Sci.-BG
Dr. David TAVKHLADZE Tblis U.-GE
Dr. Calokerinos ANTONY Athens U.-GR
Dr. Egon-Erwin ROSENBERG Wien Tech. U.-AT
Dr. Eva BULSKA-Warszaw U.-PL
Dr. Arūnas RAMANAVICIUS Vilnius U.-Lithuania
Dr. Ilmutdin M. ABDULAGATOV Dagestan State U.-RU
Dr. Sibel A. OZKAN Ankara U.-TR
Dr. Nil ERTAS-Ege U.-TR
Dr. K. Arzum ERDEM-Ege U.-TR
Dr. Nevin ERK-Ankara U.-TR
Dr. Isil AYDIN Dicle U.-TR
Dr. Serap Saglik ASLAN Istanbul U.-TR
Dr. Ulkan Kilic-Saglik Bil. U/TR
Dr. Belgin IZGI Uludag U.-TR
Dr. Sema BAGDAT Balikesir U.-TR
Dr. Selim ERDOGAN Inonu U.-TR
Dr. Yucel Kadioglu-Ataturk U.-TR
Dr. Ibrahim Isildak- YTU.-TR
Dr. Sema Erdemoglu-Inonu U.-TR
Dr. Burhan Ates-Inonu U.-TR
Dr. Nusret Ertas-Gazi U.-TR
Dr. Ozlem Sogut-Ege U.-TR
Dr. Mehmet Ozturk-Mugla U.-TR
Dr. Esra Karaca-Uludag U.-TR
Dr. Ulku Dilek Uysal-Eskisehir T. U.-TR
Dr. Zafer Yazıcıgil-Selcuk U.-TR
Dr. Nevzat Artik-Ankara U./TR Dr. Tansel Şileli-Ankara U.-TR
Dr. Bengi Uslu-Ankara U.-TR
Dr. Bulent Saka- Istanbul U.-TR
Dr. Yasemin Oztekin-Selcuk U.-TR
Dr. Iryna Kravchenko-Odessa N. P. U.-UA
Dr. Kasim Ocakoglu-Tarsus U.-TR
Dr. Aysegul Golcu-Istanbul Tech. U.-TR
Dr. Ilker Saygili-Sanko U/TR
Dr. Fusun Pelit-Ege U.-TR
Dr. Sadin Ozdemir- Mersin U.-TR
Dr. Elif TUMAY OZER-Uludag U.-TR
Dr. Emirhan Nemutlu-Hacettepe U.-TR
Dr. Ersin KILINC Artuklu U.-TR
Dr. Hasan Ertas-Ege U.-TR
Dr. Yasemin Sahan-Uludag U.-TR
Dr. Tugba Boyunegmez Tumer-Canakkale 18 Mart U.-TR
Dr. Ibrahim Kivrak-Mugla U.-TR
Dr. Emine Akyuz Turumtay-Recep Tayyip Erdoğan U.-TR
Dr. Nagihan M. Karaaslan-Munzur U.-TR
Dr. Altan Ercan-AG-U.-TR
Dr. Mariia Nesterkina-Odessa N. P. U.-UA
Dr. Fatma AKAR (Gazi U/TR)
Dr. Cengiz CAVUSOGLU-(Ege U/TR)
Dr. Slawomira SKRZYPEK-(Lodz U/PL)
Dr. Erdem YESILADA (Yeditepe U/TR)
Dr. Fikrettin SAHIN (Yeditepe U/TR)
Dr. Hasan TURKEZ (Erzurum Tech. U/TR)
Dr. Fernando BENAVENTE-(Barcelona U/ES)
Dr. Nina CHANISHVILI-(Tbilis U/GE)
Dr. Serdar SAVAS-(GENTEST Istanbul/TR)
Dr. Sezgin BAKIRDERE-(Yildiz Tech. U/TR)
Dr. Levent Pelit – Ege U./TR

16-19 November


Invited Speakers




Abstract Submission

15 October, 2023


15 October, 2023

Announcement of Abstract Decision:

15 days after submission

Payment Deadline for Registration

15 October, 2023

Registration & Pricing

Abstract Deadline:20 November 2023; Registration DeadlineNote 1, Note 2: 25 November 2023

Presentation Type  
Regular Participant Student*
Euro (TL for Turkish) Euro (TL for Turkish)

*: Students should send their MS or doctoral certificates up to 01 November 2023 by e-mail.
**: Virtual presenters are expected to record a voice-over PowerPoint and submit the file online or by e-mail. s

Payment (TL)
Account Name: Mehmet Yaman ICPM2021
Account IBAN(TL): TR33 0006 7010 0000 0077 7901 09

Payment (Euro)
Account Name: Mehmet Yaman ICPM2021
Account IBAN(Euro): TR22 0006 7010 0000 0077 8724 66


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